Alluvioni Cambiò

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town hall
via Roma, 1

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+39 0131 848121/0131848237


It is a village located in the plain between the Tanaro and Po rivers and it stretches for about two kilometres along the right bank of the Tanaro.
The name ‘ alluvioni’ (meaning ‘floods’ in Italian) refers to the numerous floods which struck the area, which is nearby the confluence of the Tanaro and Po rivers and of the Scrivia torrent. The area became cultivable and their owners built farmhouses. The local authority was subordinated to the feud of the Bishop of Tortona, who had the title of Prince.
In the middle Ages this village was mentioned in the Imperial Diploma of 1311; then in 1466 it was turned into a feud by B. Maria Visconti. The repeated floodings changed the layout of the territory and the inhabitants built an oratory dedicated to St. Carlo around their homes made from earth and timber.
After the Battle of Marengo, a decree by the council of Piedmont dated 1801 established the village of Alluvioni Cambiò and some years later (1818) the territory of Grava was incorporated into the district council.
Agriculture is the chief and highly specialized activity; the main products are: carrot, potato, onion fennel, and above all celery; this vegetable requires medium-softness soils, rich in humus but also a little bit acid, such as those close to the courses of the Po and  Tanaro rivers. In smaller quantity are also produced: bean, salad, pepper, pea, spinach, cabbage and turnip. 
worth a visit:
- the parish church of San Carlo, dating from the second half of the 18th century. Its façade in Romanesque style is enriched with painted decorations by Maestro P. Vignoli.
- the parish church of Sant’Anna; located in the hamlet of Grava, with a Greek cross floor plan and a majestic cupola, a polychrome marble altar, Corinthian order capitals and valuable paintings.

> hamlets: Grava, Pavesa, Montariolo, Baracconi, Massarini, Mezzanino.
> patronal day: San Carlo
> inhabitants denomination: alluvionesi
> area Sq km 9.28

n. of inhabitants: 1040

geographical position: north-west of Italy, Alessandria plain.

altitude m: 77 above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km.25