Berzano di Tortona

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town hallberzano di tortona
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Berzano is a small agricultural centre situated on the final hilly layers, dominating the plain, with a view over the Grue and lower Curone valley.
In 2003 it became member of the Mountain Community of the Curone, Grue and Ossona valleys. The village has a strong farming trade; the favourable weather and the tenacity of the farmers have ensured production of top quality red-wines, such as barbera and croatina and white wines, among which cortese and timorasso.
Very important for the local economy is the fruit growing (peaches, strawberries, cherries and apricots).

The older part of  Berzano is the palace, former dwelling-house of the feudatories Busseti. The seventeenth century oratory, now private church but for public use, houses the grave of Boniforte Busseti, dead in1861, who took part in the Napoleonic wars and in the first Independence war.
The name ‘Berzano’ derives from the latin ‘Berceolus’ that means ‘hedge, garden’. There is little information concerning the town foundation; it may have been set up as a ‘castrum’ with defence purposes. In a deed dating from 1327, Berzano is cited as one of the Municipalities of  Tortona district and towards the end of the fourteenth century it became part of the feud of Volpedo, controlled by the Visconti family. In the following centuries the fief was ceded to many families. More recently and precisely in 1928 the independent district council of Berzano was suppressed and joined together the nearby village of Volpedo, from which it broke away in 1947.

worth a visit
- the Palazzo Busseti Boniforte in Cortemagno: a building of historic interest, with an aristocratic chapel built in 1954 and an 18th century excellent altar-piece representing ‘Maria al sepolcro’ (Maria at the Holy Sepulchre).

> hamlets: Cappellette, Chiesa, Inselmina, Magostino, Valbona
> patronal day: Santa Teresa, 3rd Sunday in October

n. of inhabitants: 143

geographical position: north-west of Italy, Mountain Community of Terre del Giarolo

altitude m: 270 above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km.31