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Casalnocetotown hall
piazza Dante Alighieri, 1

tel/fax number
+39 0131 809900


Casalnoceto is an agricultural centre, whoseterritory borders on the province of Pavia.
Casalnoceto, already inhabited in prehistoric times, is one of the most important sites documenting the so-called ‘Civiltà dei vasi a bocca quadrata’ (civilisation of the square opening vases, named after some ceramic shapes found here).
Casalis and Nucetum were separate townships until 1200. The present name was used starting from the mid-eighteenth century. Casalnoceto was ruled by the Visconti family and was destroyed several times due to this authority. During the 1400s it was made a fief by the nobles Spinola, whose decline started with the Austrian conquest. In December 1798 it became a republican district council.

worth a visit
- Villa Spinola; it is located in the hamlet of Rosano. This palace-convent was built by Filippo Spinola in the seventeenth century.
- the church of Santa Maria; this magnificent church is privately owned and can be visited only by prior appointment.
- oratory of San Rocco: its unusual structure is carved out from a tower of the old walls surrounding the village that were built in the fourteenth century and demolished in 1805. The delightful early 17th century vault is decorated with some frescoes painted by the Genoese painter Lazzaro Tavarone (it can be visited by appointment).
- museum ‘La memoria del passato’ (the memory of the past); it can be visited by appointment.
- ancient millstone dating from the 16th century, to be found in the square ‘Martiri della Libertà’.

> hamlets: Rosano, San Carlo, Cavanera, Cà Agnese, Cà de Maestri, Badina and Bossola
> inhabitants denomination: casalnocetesi

n. of inhabitants: 882

geographical position: north-west of Italy, the area of the Padana plain surrounding the city of Alessandria, lower Scrivia valley

altitude m: 159 above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km. 30