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Gavazzanatown hall
via Cesare Battisti, 2

phone number
+39 0143 47580


Gavazzana is one of the smallest agricultural municipalities in the province of Alessandria and is located on the last offshoots of the hills rising above the Novi plain. The surrounding area can easily be discovered through the route ‘Gavazzana, Nature and Culture’, a cycling/on foot path amidst vines, fields and woods.

worth a visit:
-The parish church of San Martino (16th century), from which it is possible to enjoy a wonderful landscape

notable people
Gavazzana was the place of birth of Don Carlo Sterpi (1874-1951), first successor of Don Orione. He was born here on 13th October 1874; he entered the seminary of Tortona where he made friends with the minor clerk Luigi Orione. Carlo was ordained a priest in 1897; he was collaborator of the founder of the ‘Piccola Opera della Divina Provvidenza’ and became director of the first institutions open in San Remo, Tortona and Venezia. In 1927 he was named as the general Vicar of the ‘Opera’ and then he succeeded Don Orione as chief of the ‘Opera’; Don Sterpi died in Tortona the 22nd of November 1951. The Sterpi family became one of the most important families of Gavazzana.

> patronal day: San Martino
> inhabitants denomination: gavazzanesi
> area: 3.12 Sq Km

n. of inhabitants: 218

geographical position: north-west of Italy; Mountain Community of the Terre del Giarolo

altitude m: 325 m. above sea level

distance from: Alessandria 34 km