Molino dei Torti

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Molino dei Tortitown hall
via Roma 81

phone number
+39 0131 854379/854361


Molino dei Torti is an agricultural centre situated in a fertile level ground on the right bank of the Scrivia torrent, a few kilometres from Castelnuovo Scrivia and from Tortona. The land is rich in calcium and therefore suitable for a wide choice of crops.
The agricultural economy is centred on the garlic production and of other products, such as onions, potatoes, peas and celery as well as on sugar beet and cereals (barley, wheat, corn).
The garlic of Molino dei Torti, unique both in sizes of the bulb and in colour, is one of the ‘Agroalimentari Tradizionali della Regione Piemonte’ (traditional agricultural food products in the Piedmont region) and is famous throughout Italy and beyond national boundaries. It is cultivated in small clayey grounds, rich in organic substances and several steps of its production are still hand-made. Garlic has become a very important product for the local economy, with specific reference to the white variety.
The ‘garlic Festival’ takes place in September.

‘Rotta dei Torti’ arose on the right bank of the Scrivia torrent where it joined the Po river. It was the most important hamlet of Castelnuovo Scrivia. We have information about Rotta starting from 410 AD when Alarico, passing through this area with his army, left here a garrison to defend the ford.
The Galli and the Torti were the most important families.
Molino was subjected to Castelnuovo until 1644 but it was only in 1788 that the district council managed to administrate on its own.
Because of the frequent floods that systematically destroyed the houses, the inhabitants moved to a safer hamlet.

worth a visit:
- the present church built in the early twentieth century; it's situated on the site of the old oratory of San Francesco.

> inhabitants denomination: molinesi
> patronal day: San Rocco

n of inhabitants: 805

geographical position: north-west of Italy, the area of the Padana plain surrounding the city of Alessandria, lower Scrivia valley

altitude m: 76 m. above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km. 36