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Monlealetown hall
corso Roma 54 

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+39 0131 80191


Hilly village located in the lower Curone valley, a natural paradise of woods and vineyards, and the ideal spot for lovely walks in touch with nature. Monleale is made up of two centres: the chief town (Monleale Alto) situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the plain, and the more recent ‘Monleale Basso’, which stretches along the provincial road Tortona-Caldirola, on the left bank of the Curone torrent.

In 1172 the lords of this place ceded a mount called ‘monsegalis’ to the Commune of Tortona, in order to have a castle built there.
Monleale was fief of the Opizzoni family, then in 1412 it was ruled by the Visconti family, in 1555 by the Guidobono family, in 1702 by the members of the Calcamuggi family until the feudal system was abolished.
In 1779, 1783 and 1792 there were serious famines. In 1798 the Giani family raised the mast of freedom with the help of the French.
In 1801, the first year of the Piedmont Republic, great celebrations took place and a sung Mass was celebrated.
Monleale was an independent district council but in 1929 it was suppressed and joined Volpedo. Only in 1947 it turned to be a district council.
what to see
- the church of Monleale: the bell tower dates back to 1874.
- the last vestiges of the castle, which once had three towers.
- church of Sant’Ambrogio (dating from the 16th century).
- the oratory of San Rocco

> hamlets: Cadaborgo, Monleale Basso, Cusinasco, Profigate, Ville, Valmaia.
> patronal day: Sant’Ambrogio
> inhabitants denomination: monlealesi
> area: sq km 9.61

n. of inhabitants  623

geographical positions: north-west of Italy, Mountain Community of Terre del Giarolo

altitude m. 320 above sea level

distance from  Alessandria km. 32