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town hall

 piazza Sarzano, 1

phone/fax number
+39 0131884440  /  0131884121


Through a road surrounded by peach trees and vineyards lapping on the slopes of the hills, you’ll arrive in Sarezzano. Very important for this area is San Lorenzo valley, but the town itself, which was the residence of some Roman senators, had become of great importance during centuries.
The oldest homes are located at the foot of the hills, where in the past stood the castle of the Guidobono Garofoli family, feudal lords of the township. Today the castle no longer exists and in its place is a medieval church.
Some years ago started a project of renovation with the aim of bringing to light those buildings that hosted the famous Purple Code (today at ‘Palazzo Vescovile’ in Tortona) dating from the fifth century.
Sarezzano is known nowadays mainly for the excellence of its local agricultural products and for the natural beauties: vineyards, peach-orchards (particularly evocative during blossoming), hills full of flowers and bay oaks woods.

main sights
- the ancient church on the hilltop consecrated to San Ruffino and San Venanzio. The manuscript ‘Codice Purpureus’ of the monastery of Bobbio dating from the 6th century was found inside the church in 1585.
- the ancient chapel of San Ruffino with some valuable friezes from the late middle Ages. Saint Ruffino lived here as hermit in the 9th century.

> hamlets: Baracca, Palazzina, Cucco, Rocca Grue, San Ruffino, Valle Sant’Innocenzo.
>patronal day: 2nd Sunday in October
> fair of San Ruffino: on 15 July
> inhabitants denomination: sarezzanesi
> area: 13.79 sq km

n. inhabitants: 1157
geographical zone: north-west of Italy
altitude m: 300 above sea level
distance from: Alessandria 28 km