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town hall parish
via Roma 9

phone/fax number
+39 0131898468  / 0131898611


It is located close to Tortona, on the right bank of the Grue torrent. Traditionally a farming centre, it is specialized in the production of cereals, peaches, and forage.
The name ‘Viguzzolo’ derives from the Latin word ‘vicus’, small village.
Between the 12th and the 13th centuries it was a free commune and afterwards, following the destinies of Tortona, it came under the Visconti family and then it entered the orbit of the Sforza family, from which it obtained the honorific title of town in 1450. The Fogliani family from Piacenza had the town as a fief in 1468.
From 1772 onwards Viguzzolo was ruled by the Savoia family.

main sights
- Pieve di Santa Maria: the Romanesque church of Santa Maria is to be found just outside the town of Viguzzolo, near the Grue torrent. Most likely built in the 11th century, it seems it was constructed using the material of a more ancient church erected nearby. The crypt, accessible by the right hand nave, should have been erected later.
The construction looks simple and well proportionate, with a nave and two aisles, with three semicircular apses and a double-sloped roof. The central apse, still unaltered, has traces of an 11th century fresco, portraying ‘Christ the Universal Ruler’. The façade is decorated with hanging arches divided by slender columns, that continue on the exterior walls and the apse.
From the right hand nave there is access to the crypt which was built after the original church and has six stone columns with square capitals holding up the vaulted ceilings. The church houses a wooden crucifix of the Piedmontese and Lombard schools dating back to the mid-16th century. ‘Il Cristo’ (‘The Christ’), recently restored, has a movable head since it rotates on a wood pin present in the neck; originally it was covered by a real beard and hair.
-  the oratory of Sant’Antonio: seat of the Brotherhood of the Holy Trinity.

> patronal day: 2nd Sunday in September
> inhabitants denomination: viguzzolesi
> area: 18.27 sq km

n. inhabitants: 3003

geographical zone: north-west of Italy, Comunità Collinare dei Colli Tortonesi

altitude m: 128 m. above sea level

distance from: Alessandria 25 km