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piazza XXV aprile, 1 

phone/fax number
+39 0131.892132  / 0131.892202


Villaromagnano is located where the Ossona valley ends its hilly paths and opens onto the plain. Its gentle slopes have been encouraging human settlements since the Neolithic age, until the maximum splendour of Roman villas. In the town three sites dating from the Neolithic age (II millennium BC) have been found, as well as another site in the territory around Golasecca (VI century BC).
Its name comes from Villa Romaniani, the name given to a quadrangle of homes, built around a central courtyard. After the decline of the Roman Empire it became a ‘villa’ with defending purposes against Barbarian invasions.
This land is very fertile thanks to the presence of the Ossona river.

main sights
- the church consecrated to the Patron Saint San Michele, whose bell tower dates back to the Napoleonic period. Inside it contains numerous frescoes.
- the sanctuary of Madonna della fonte from the eighteenth century.

> hamlets: Fonti, Monteghellino, Rampina, Ridotto, Romagnano.
> inhabitants denomination: villettesi
> area: 6.12 sq km

n. inhabitants: 692

geographical zone: north-west of Italy, Comunità collinare dei colli Tortonesi

altitude m: 170 above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km. 26