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Volpeglinotown hall
via Stazione, 6

phone/fax number
+39 0131.80182  /  0131.806035


Volpeglino is a small village in the Curone valley.
‘Vulpidino’, now Volpeglino, was owned by the Abbey of Bobbio. In the 12th century it was a fortified site, and part of the feud of the Guidobono family.
It became a free commune in 1245. Afterwards Volpeglino came under the influence of the Visconti. In the 16th century the castle was turned into a palace by some members of the Guidobono-Cavalchini family.
Volpeglino became a municipality in 1928.

what to see
- the small chapel of Santa Maria della Pietà, dating from 1800.
- remains of the old church of San Damiano.

n. of inhabitants: 156

geographical zone: north-west of Italy, Mountain Community of the Curone, Grue and Ossona valleys

altitude m: 299

distance from: Alessandria km. 29