Fabbrica Curone

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town hall
regione Garadassi 7  pieve di Fabbrica Curone




Fabbrica Curone is avillage located in the upper valley of the Curone stream, about 120 km southeast of Turin and about 45 km southeast of Alessandria. Fabbrica Curone borders the following municipalities: Albera Ligure, Cabella Ligure, Gremiasco, Montacuto, Santa Margherita di Staffora, Varzi, and Zerba.
Fabbrica is known for its mountains: Boglelio (1492 m.), Chiappo (1700 m.), Ebro (1700 m.), Panà (1559 m.) and Giarolo (1473 m.), along with its green meadows.
It is member of the Mountain Community of the Curone, Grue and Ossona valleys.

The name ‘Fabbrica’ probably derives from the Ligurian ‘Fraug’ - chestnut - and it means ‘town among the chestnut groves’. The first reports concerning Fabbrica can be found in the Code of S. Colombano.
In 1220 the Emperor Federico II confirmed ‘Garbania’, ‘Fabricam’, ‘Dernisiom’ and ‘Cellam' among the possessions of the church of Tortona. In the 13th century Fabbrica was an imperial fief under the Malaspina, who held it until 1797.
In the late Middle Ages the township was a transit point along the so-called ‘Via del sale’, connecting the Po river plain with the Ligurian Sea.

main sights
- the ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from the 9th-10th centuries, in Romanesque and Gothic style. It is an edifice with a stone portal surmounted by a Romanesque lunette.
- Museum of the Peasant Civilization, in the hamlet of Lunassi.
- castle: Malaspina tower (12th – 13th centuries)
- Caldirola, Mount Gropà, remains of the medieval castle of Brusamonica.
The hamlet of Caldirola (1,110 m) is a ski resort (with chairlift).

Pieve di Santa Maria:
the building, which dates back to the 12th-13th centuries, has been further adapted and enlarged. It is still a parish church and today it represents an important reference church among those present in the upper Curone valley. Specific attention must be paid to the bas-relief (made of local stones) of the lunette on the entrance portal, representing a complex symbology in the shape of animals.

> hamlets: Caldirola, Bruggi, Forotondo, Garadassi, Lunassi, Montecapraro, Morigliassi, Pareto, Remeneglia, Selvapiana, Salogni.
> inhabitants denomination: fabbricacuronesi
> area: 53.64 sq km.
> patronal day: Santa Maria Assunta

n. of inhabitants:  951

geographical position: north-west of Italy, Mountain Community Terre del Giarolo

altitude m: 440 above sea level

distance from: Alessandria km.56