Guide of Tortona and its surroundings

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The area surrounding the town of Tortona represents the extreme strip of the province of Alessandria, located among Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Liguria, it has always been an important intersection of roads and people.
Its territory is characterized by a varied landscape: a plain crossed by the Po River, winding hills with their gentle and boundless sides, which are kissed by the sun and outlined by several vineyards, orchards, tilled lands. Three streams flow through the area: Curone, Grue, Ossona, they then join and reach the Apennines mountain chain, in a place where the valleys seem to ideally gather round the monument dedicated to Christ the Redeemer placed on the top of the mount Giarolo. From this summit on sunny days you can enjoy an unexpected and stunning view going from the Monviso mountain to the Ligurian sea, whose breeze can be felt and breathed. The area surrounding Tortona is rich in history, culture, natural beauty spots, flavours and art in which are founded the traditions of four Italian regions, three of them bordering it and one belonging to the area. Throughout the territory you can find tangible signs of such a great heritage that has to be searched and discovered by crossing its valleys, visiting its ancient villages located on the hills or down in the valley.