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“Pro tribus donis similis Terdona Leonis”
Three gifts: virtue, loyalty, courtesy. This is what the ancient motto on the Coat of Arms of Tortona promises.
This ancient town, whose past is characterized by events and by characters, offers many other gifts to a visitor. Tortona laid down roots before Rome and it has continued to be present and lively in every period of its thousand-year-old history, playing a role as protagonist during ages, destructions, different dominations. However, its identity as a Municipal Town has never been lost. Over time its substantial sobriety has continued to maintain its characteristic as that of a “hidden jewel”.
It owes its importance largely to its geographical position. During Imperial ages it was a crossroads of great consular roads; during the following centuries it became a military and civil strategic point.
The “Castle” has featured prominently in the history of Tortona; it was valiantly defended by the citizens of Tortona during various sieges (Tortona was besieged twice by Federico Barbarossa), the following battles and the final defeat of Napoleon. This is a demonstration of the loyalty of the citizens of Tortona towards allies and friends. Over time these citizens have proven themselves to be people of noble heart like the gentle folk of other times.
We thank Marta Modenese for the translation and Olivia Connolly for the supervision of the texts